Scuba Diving Courses

Scuba Diving Courses

I currently teach Scuba Diving Courses out of National Diving Center in Washington, D. C. If you’d like me to teach a Scuba Diving Course for you, either as part of a class or a private lesson, contact them at (202) 363-6123.

Classes can also be taught during most of the trips I lead, for those that would rather finish up in at warm location with lots of beautiful life.

PADI Courses

Not only do I enjoy teaching all aspects of the PADI Open Water course, I am also certified by PADI as a Specialty Instructor, qualified to teach the following Scuba Diving Courses:

The following course are non-diving courses that I teach

The following courses are for those that want to move on into a career as a Scuba Professional:

Dan Courses

I am also certified as an Instructor by Divers Alert Network teaching courses in the following: