St. Croix Training

Training while traveling to St. Croix

I like to travel to St. Croix at least a couple of times a year and I really like to teach. So I’ve decided to combine two of my passions and offer training while traveling to the most wonderful island in the Caribbean. For more information regarding Guided Tours or shop trips email me.

What to expect

The way I like to work it is that the day after you arrive will be either a full day of Confined Water for those that couldn’t get it done in their home area or reactivate dives.

On Day 2 & 3 morning or afternoon, depending on numbers, we will be doing the 4 Open water dives needed for certification. These can be done either as shore or boat dives, depending on weather and costs. Certified divers wanting to do a reactivate can join these dives. There is a maximum number of certified divers for these dives as I want to focus on the new divers.

We will set aside the afternoon of Day 2 for reactivate & 3 for reactivate and pleasure dives.

After day 3 you’ll be certified and can joins us for pleasure dives, continuing education or fly home on day 4 after having been out of the water for 24 hours.

Continuing Education

Depending on your schedule, days 4 & 5 mornings will be any Continuing Education (e.g. Wreck Diver, Deep Diver, Advanced OW, etc.) that people sign up for.

What to know

There are many hotels and Airbnbs for you to stay at in Christiansted. For self-guided divers, I will be happy to advise you. Once I figure out where I am staying I’ll pass that along as well. Guided trip participants will stay at one of two hotels in Downtown Christiansted.

Rental cars are available at the airport or in town (they’ll pick you up). The big thing to remember is that they drive on the left with American cars. Taxis operate on fixed fee schedule. If you stay in Christiansted, a vehicle is not really needed, because everything is pretty close by. I will have a vehicle to get us to the dive sites.

Gear to bring:
Mask, fins & boots, of course. If you don’t have these, you’ll want to go by National Dive Center or your local dive shop and get fitted for some. You’ll want a couple of swimsuits, so that they’ll have time to dry. Casual clothes for topside.

Training Costs:

Whole Course:

PADI course and one full day confined water – and one of the below:

  • 2 half days shore based – $625
  • 2 half day boat dives -$825

OW Certification Dives only:

  • 2 days x 2 tank Shore dives – $300 for the set

Reactivate: 1 day

  • 2 tank Shore dives – $200 for the set or
  • 2 tank Boat dives – $400

Diving – Pleasure

For non-training dives we’ll be diving with Dive Experience in downtown Christiansted. The cost is about $130 per two tank boat dive.

So if you are interested, let me know

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