Upcoming trips

Upcoming Trips

Below are the upcoming trips that either I will going on (those with a smiley) and Shop trips. Unfortunately, I have a regular job and can’t travel as much as I want 😅.

If a shop would like me to add a trip, feel free to email the particulars.


Date Destination Purpose Days Cost Shop Notes
22 -25 August 19 Key Largo, Fl Fun dives 2 $ ?? * 😃 Not sure on a price yet, Fly down Thursday and  dive on Friday & Saturday. Fly back Sunday.
29 Aug – 2 Sept Canada Wreck Diving in the St. Lawrence Seaway 4 $ ??? * 😃 Over Labor day weekend
?? Dec 19 St. Croix Diving on the wall/Reefs – Turtles 7 $ X00 NDC 😃 this is a tentative time frame – more to come
DC Divers Cove
NDC National Diving Center
PV Pura Vida Divers
SV Seaview Scuba

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