Smithsonian wants you to look out for this invasive crab species

From an article at Delmarva Daily Times and thanks to Eric Heupel for bringing it to my attention.

The article states: “Environmental scientists are urging people to report (and kill) the Chinese mitten crab, an invasive species that has been spotted in Delmarva waters and nationwide.” what is cool is that “Part of the center’s campaign launch includes a free T-shirt for the first 10 people who report the mitten crab to Smithsonian.”

Photo: Smithsonian Environmental Research Center image

I can see where it gets it’s name, just look at the claws.
“…the Chinese mitten crab is known to cause erosion and other structural problems because they burrow into stream banks, … causing potential environmental and economic harm.” like all invasive species and until the local predators (including humans) develop a taste for them. Funny the article says they haven’t been reported since 2014, it would be the first I’ve ever heard of an invasive species dying out on it’s own. Anybody know of any other cases?

If you do see one and want to claim your T-Shirt “Anyone who thinks they may have captured a Chinese mitten crab can report it to the Marine Invasions Lab at 443-482-2222. They can also report crab sightings to the center’s online tracking system called Mitten Crab Watch.”

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