Great Training Day in the Pool Yesterday

Have you ever had one of those days where you look back and say this is why I teach Open Water Scuba Diving? I actually have them frequently, to me there is nothing so fun and amazing as watching a person breathe underwater for the first time. I like teaching all of the specialties that PADI allows me to teach (I’ll post more on these in upcoming posts) but to me that initial dive sets everything up going forward. A person can overcome bad instruction, but it’s difficult and they’ll probably quit diving soon after. Whereas a good instructor works through the skills and more important imparts an enthusiasm for diving. That enthusiasm helps the students get through difficult and what feels unnatural skills, like flooding a mask,  with excitement and a sense of accomplishment.

I’ve known some really good instructors in the last eighteen years and I believe that is why I even after a four year break I came back to diving and decided to continue on and go professional.

I sincerely hope all of my students feel the same towards me.

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